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May 4 - 5 From Your Laptop
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About the Event

Food Brand Summit is a two-day online conference for emerging food brands to learn from industry experts and connect with buyers, brokers, and distributors.

The first day of the conference will feature live seminars on topics covering everything from branding and marketing to financing where participants can ask questions in real time.

Day 2 features an industry-first online speed pitch where food brands can showcase their products and their company’s story in front of buyers, brokers, and distributors.


Get inspired to take your business to the next level by listening to speakers like Seth Goldman, Co-founder of Honest Tea, who secured an order from Fresh Fields (Whole Foods Market) for 15,000 bottles from a home-brewed batch of iced tea and mocked-up packaging that he presented to a buyer.


Make connections and grow your network by interacting with guest speakers during the live Q&A sessions, chatting with other food producers in the private online chat room, and by pitching your products to food buyers, brokers, and distributors.


Build your sales revenue by applying to the Speed Pitch where you can showcase your food products to buyers, brokers, and distributors from around the country. Not yet ready to get in front of buyers? Watch and learn as other food brands pitch their products.

Information (Intelligence)

Gain the strategic expertise you need to move your business forward in the right direction with seminars designed specifically for small, emerging food brands.

The Food Brand Summit will start in

Our Speakers

The Schedule (Times in PST)

Honest Tea (PreRecorded)

By Seth Goldman
8:00 am

9 Critical Steps to Food Brand Market and Distribution Success

By Tim Forrest
9:00 am

CircleUp (Raising $$)

By Pat Robinson
10:00 am

Hungry Studio

By Jordan and Fed
11:00 am

Kiva (Financing)

By Adam Kirk
12:00 pm

Maple Hill Creamery

By Tim Joseph
1:00 pm

Attracting Buyers

By Alli Ball
2:00 pm


Our Sponsors

Thank you to these sponsors who believe in the power of today’s small food brands
to become tomorrow’s food industry leaders.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Food Brand Summit?

With 25 years combined in the food industry, we know how hard it is for small food brands to open new retail channels. Trade shows can be great but they can cost thousands of dollars and are so chaotic you may never be found by the buyers you want. Using technology we can connect food brands, buyers, distributors, and brokers for a fraction of the cost. By helping connect these two vital parts of the food industry, we believe we can build an event stronger food movement.
Discover our story: About FBS

What do I need regarding computer/internet access to be able to join Food Brand Summit?

a. Laptop/Desktop
b. A solid internet connection (at least 10mbps down and 5mbps up) check here at Speedtest.net
c. If you are pitching your food brand, a webcam

How many brokers/buyers/distributors will be there?

We are inviting food buyers, brokers, and distributors from around the US and Canada to be part of the event.

How will I know if buyers/brokers are interested in my products during the speed pitch?

During and after the show, buyers will select the food companies they are interested in. You will receive a custom list with their contact information within 3 business days after the show so that you can follow up with price sheets, samples, etc.

For how long do I have access to the recorded seminars?

Until June 10th, 2017.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, no questions asked.

When do I have to signup by?

Food brands - April 15th for Buyer Pitch
Seminar Only / Buyer Pitch Observation - April 30th
Buyers, brokers, distributors - April 30th

Why do I have sign up earlier to participate in the Buyer Pitch

We need time to analyze the applications, set up the schedule, and keep the logistics stress free so that food brands can focus on their pitch.

As a buyer, will my contact information be shared or sold to anyone?

The only people who will be given your contact information are those brands that you indicate during the speed pitch you would like follow up from. We know your time is valuable and want to respect your privacy.

As a food brand, can I get a copy of the buyer list?

We're excited about the group of buyers who will be attending the event. However buyers' contact information will only be shared with you for those buyers that indicate interest in your company during the speed pitch.


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